Throughout the year,
we offer workshops focused on singing: musical comedy,
Feldenkrais & Singing,
musical theater,
vocal creativity, circle songs.


From Friday, November 10th, to Sunday, November 12th, 2023

Voice and Feldenkrais Workshop

Stage Chant et Feldenkrais à Marseille
Le stage : 

Join us for a unique musical experience! This group voice workshop provides an exceptional opportunity to explore free voice, melodic singing, and collective singing in motion.
Discover Your Free Voice: Express your authenticity and unleash your voice without constraints. Learn to let your emotions fully express themselves through the power of your voice.
Master Melodic Voice: Bring enchanting melodies to life and create captivating harmonies. Explore the nuances of vocal art and convey deep emotions through your interpretation.
Sing Collectively in Motion: Add a physical dimension to your vocal expression. Explore the connection between movement and voice, strengthen your connection with other participants, and discover new creative possibilities.

Location :

at Perpetuum Mobile venue 5 Place de Rome in Marseille


Price per person: €180 + €15 membership fee (mandatory)

Lune et l’Autre :

Stage de comédie musicale

Stage de comédie musicale à Marseille 2024

Infos :

Centre de Danse – Le Grenier du Corps
Phone : +339 72 35 76 10 Mail:

“When a troubled teenager, Lune, meets the regulars of an extraordinary bistro, l’Autre, they invent together, thanks to their talents and differences, the recipe for a new family, one for all those who don’t fit into boxes. Today’s superheroes will sing and dance a destiny that finally resembles them!”

The Workshop:

Join us in the adventure of “Lune et l’Autre,” a musical comedy by Eleonore Bovon for 10 characters and a vocal ensemble, in creation by the Grenier du Corps troupe: The children will create a song that will be integrated into the presentation of this musical.

Artistic Direction: Eléonore Bovon, Aude Pinatel, Tania Zolty


Aude Pinatel – Choreographer and dance teacher Tania Zolty – Singer and vocal coach Eléonore Bovon – Author – Composer

Location :

At Grenier du Corps 2, Rue des Tyrans – Marseille

Rates :

Member rate: €170 per week Standard rate: €190 per week
September 15-17, 2023, Body and Voice Workshop Body and Voice Workshop – Vocal Creativity