Cours de Chant à Marseille



in Marseille and its surroundings:
Lyric singing, Jazz, Pop, Variety,
World music, singing lessons for children,
writing workshops, …



in Marseille and its surroundings:
Lyric singing, Jazz, Pop, Variety,
World music, singing lessons for children,
writing workshops, …


Private Singing Lessons: ‘Vocal Expression’

In private lessons, we will use vocal technique to expand your vocal range, enrich your timbre, and help you gain more confidence during your performances. For those who wish to work on a repertoire of jazz standards, opera, world music, or popular songs, we can help you develop a suitable vocal style and improve your pronunciation in English, Italian, Spanish, etc. Here, we are not seeking perfect pronunciation but rather musicality through different languages, jazz repertoire, classical, songs, so don’t worry about your level.

Private lessons can be tailored to the needs of each student.

Children’s Choir, Ages 9-14

Singing from childhood is a highly formative education. The choir classes will consist of mixed-gender children. In a playful spirit, they will discover the sensations of singing, as well as polyphony, rhythm, posture, listening, and respect for others. The pieces worked on (varieties, stories, traditional music, etc.) will be adapted for children’s voices of all levels, including beginners. One-hour rehearsals will take place once a week and will culminate in a small concert at the end of the year.

The enrolled student must commit to attending throughout the year.

Song Lyrics Writing Workshop in English

This workshop is designed for singer-songwriters who want to write song lyrics in English or improve their existing work.
The workshop will involve small group discussions about each participant’s lyrics with the aim of providing constructive feedback. We will use writing exercises to unleash your creativity and draw inspiration from great singer-songwriters such as Leonard Cohen, The Beatles, and Joni Mitchell by analyzing their lyrics. Part of our time will also be dedicated to the vocal interpretation of the compositions.
Note: If you are interested in this course but don’t have a composition to offer, it is still possible to develop your lyric-writing skills using different methods.

For example, you can try translating your favorite French song into English in a musical and poetic way (this is a stimulating and useful exercise as it will improve your English and make you aware of the many differences between singing in English and singing in French).

Private Technique Lesson Specialization

Coaching by Appointement Professional Training “AFDAS Workshops” Vocal and Stage Technique (Grenier du Corps)

Les tarifs des cours
2023 /2024

Adhésions à l’association Body ‘n Voice


Tarif annuel …… 30 €

Tarif Famille …… 45€


Les cours de chant au trimestre

(10 sessions)

Les tarifs proposé par semaine au trimestre

Cours chant 1h       ……………………       450 €
Duo (1h – 2 élèves)        ……………         250 €
Cours Particulier (1/2 h)    …………       225 €
Groupe (1h-3 élèves)       …………         190 €


Cours Particulier

Coaching Vocal

Technique spécialisation sur RDV      ……………………       60€/h




57 Horace Bertin – 13005 Marseille

Monday to Saturaday –  9h à 20h30


Phone : +33 7 71 00 48 44 OR  +33 6 85 03 26 13